About Generic USB

Generic USB is subsidiary of XLogoTech Inc. For more information please visit

Why Us

There are many reasons, but we know your time is valuable so here are only few listed:

Instant online pricing! - Most companies say: we don't post our pricing because of unstable memory market. We believe time is money, therefore we constantly update our pricing so our clients don't waste time waiting for quotes or updates.

No hidden fees! No set up fees! No artwork fees! - We've got nothing to hide. The price you see is the price you pay! Although don't forget to check in for surprise specials. Many companies will say – we match our competition prices! Basically you go shop, waste time and then we match it. Our believe is not to match but be the best deal at all times.

Always best price! - XLogoTech is not the middleman. We are working directly with numerous worldwide manufacturers. Our high volume purchase power enables us best possible rates that we pass on to the clients. Our repeat business is over 95% therefore we don't have to increase our marketing overhead. Again savings are passed on to our clients.

Only high quality products! - The product we sell is the product that we use on daily basis. We don't take shortcuts when it comes to quality and reliability. Our repeat business ratio speaks for itself.

Only 100% Client satisfaction! - If you spend one dollar or one million dollars your order will be treated with highest priority. Making custom flash drives is not like making a business card or a pen. It takes a lot of experience and product knowledge. Once again we are not middleman - we know the product we sell, our account managers are trained periodically on updates. Each client gets dedicated account manager that takes care of the whole transaction. Therefore there is no unpleasant surprises.